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Hood Doodles
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This is an art comm that is mainly for the BBC series Robin Hood. However, if you wish to share your art from any other Robin Hood version, please do so. It is all welcome, however there are some ground rules everyone must follow.

1. Play nice
- For artwork, please listen to the wishes of a poster. If they want critique do so honestly and truthfully without being harsh, and refrain from words/phrases such as "This sucks". Explain what needs improvement, and be helpful.

2. What is allowed in this comm
- Anything except icons. There are so many Robin Hood icon comms out there, this need not be another one. So by anything I mean - drawings, comics, art graphics, costume designs, music videos, all that is Robin Hood & artistic is welcome here :)

3. Slash Art - Slash art shall be accepted, but there must be a title labeling it as so. You may state the pairing you are drawing if you wish to do so, but not needed.

4. Art Content - You be the judge of your artwork, if it has sexual overtones, please make sure to label it as such. I'm a very open moderator when it comes to art content, but there are not so many open viewers. So please put warnings if you think it shall offend.

5. Art & Cuts - Cuts are our pals, all pieces of art must be behind a cut, preview images are allowed, 200x100px is a good size. Use your good judgement :D
Above a cut be sure to have your warnings, any spoilers, any pairings, and anything else you would like to add.

6. Spoilers - Robin Hood just now airing in the US. All this means is, UK viewers, just put a tiny spoiler warning for any of the episodes that have yet to air in the US. Once Ep 13 airs, this is no longer required until series 2 begins to air in the UK

7. Tags - Tags are very useful, so please take the time to tag your artwork. For graphics, type graphics, all drawings as drawings, etc Also if you have any characters in the drawing, say you drew robin and will, tag it as: Drawing, robin, will. Not so hard and it shall benefit once we get more stuff ;)

That's it! Ok, now come and share your artwork with us! I know I would very much like to see it!

Your Moderator,

Co-Mods be: sonho sky_star

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