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06 March 2008 @ 11:26 pm
Contest/Challenges Question  
Hey all! Just curious as to anyone out there is interested in doing challenges/contests again?

Last time(s), we hardly got any participants, and so I think it's only fair to start them if folks are interested! So answer away at the poll below, and any helpful comments/ideas are more than welcome!

Poll #1150233 Contest Poll

Should robinhoodart hold contests/challenges?

YES! (to both)
Just challenges, to get ideas flowing
Just contests, to spur on competition

REMEMBER! All challenges/contests are open to whatever form of media! You do not have AWESOME at drawing to participate! Graphic banners, wallpapers, colorbars, etc are more than welcome!

Only thing not allowed, is again, icons. Not cause I hate them! I LOVE icons, I just don't want to flood robin hood watchers as there are so many icon comms.!

ALSO, some think this is only a challenge community, which it isn't, this is a comm for anyone who wants to share Robin Hood creations, thanks for joining and watching, and look forward to more of your work! <3!!